10 Hours In, Dead Rising 4 Misses What Made The Earlier Games Great – Kotaku


Dead Rising 4 is the bloodiest the series has gotten.

Dead Rising 4 offers a fun zombie-bashing playground, but is not a good Dead Rising game.

Dead Rising 4 is a sandbox survival game where you explore and fight against massive waves of zombies. You move from case to case, trying to solve a giant conspiracy. You’ll cut down zombies, try to take the best photographs you can, and rescue survivors along the way.

Frank West returns, but the intrepid reporter has since washed up. He’s now a subpar college professor with a massive chip on his shoulder. After a turn of events starts a new zombie outbreak in Willamette, the same setting as the original Dead Rising, he rushes off to get the big scoop as well as rescue a former student.

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