10 Things Every Mom With Social Anxiety Wants (And Needs) You To Know – Romper


Anxiety disorders are prevalent in our society but, up until recently, they were overlooked or brushed aside. People were considered “too sensitive” or “too paranoid,” so anxiety wasn’t a legitimate mental health issue. In fact, general anxiety and social anxiety are so widespread, that chances are you know several people who live with them on a daily basis. I have no doubt that there are things those people, and every mom with social anxiety, wants you to know. When you listen to your loved ones suffering from anxiety with empathy and compassion, and not of disdain or dismissal, you’ll help them navigate the stressful waters of social interaction.

When I was a kid, I didn’t realize I had social anxiety. Honestly I thought, at the most, I was a little weird. I had no idea that other people perceived the world differently, so I assumed the things I thought were the same things everyone…


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