26 Seconds in 1963



Sam Hodgson for The New York Times

Standing in a choice and sunlit spot along the Dallas parade route that day in November 1963, Abraham Zapruder put his Bell & Howell 414PD to his eye and filmed the 26 seconds that shook Americans to their core.

His granddaughter Alexandra Zapruder describes the day of the Kennedy assassination, and the burden of subsequent years, in her new memoir, “Twenty-Six Seconds.”

“I’ve got it all on there,” a horrified Mr. Zapruder realized, reviewing the film hours later: the beautiful day, the photogenic president, the first lady in her pink suit, the explosion of blood, the end. It was the first of hundreds of thousands of times the images would be studied — by federal investigators; the Warren Commission; and an array of Americans who used it to…


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