4 Elements of the Perfect Dinner Party

As the most essential members of the table linen set, table cloths give you backdrop for all other dining accessories. But just they compose the background of your table doesn’t mean that table cloths need to be boring. You can find table cloths in a variety of colors, prints, and fabrics, each suited to an individual occasion. You may not be hosting a themed dinner party, but a pretty abstract design is well suited to any occasion. Patterns like stripes can add texture, and brocade-like embroidery can add a touch of Old World class. A neutral table cloth will imply a relaxed affair, while a brightly colored one will set the tone for a fun evening.



You won’t be ordering an ice sculpture for a dinner party, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the importance of the centerpiece. You can go with traditional flowers and candles, of course, in which case you should adjust their size and quantity in accordance with your table. If you are hosting a larger event with a large table, you may want to include a large centerpiece buttressed by smaller, identical centerpieces. For example, you can surround votive or pillar candles with small tealights, which will add light in addition to interest. If you want to go with a solitary centerpiece, like a bouquet, draw attention to it by using table runners, ribbons, or with visual interest like marbles or seaglass.



Your table linen sets the stage and your centerpiece draws visual interest, but the food is the main attraction and should be treated as such. If you don’t want to use your standard plating, consider purchasing a new set of dinner plates. Modern dinnerware comes in variety of shapes—square being one of the most popular at the moment—and colors, the better to highlight the meal itself.  When selecting dinner plates for special occasions like dinner parties, you should consider a few matters. Are they an adequate size for your table? Do they look like a good fit for your…

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