5 Fun Indoor Ideas For Children During The Holiday Break


Christmas time is family time. As true as this may be, there is also no denying that having all the children at home and having more children over during family reunions can cause quite the headache. Many parents wish they can just send the children outside to play but that is not always possible with the temperatures dipping. So what’s a parent got to do to keep the children and young guests from getting cabin fever once it gets cold outside? Well, there are quite a few options for indoor fun:

1. Have a “mini food party”

Let the children give you a hand in preparing cold weather comfort food. You can do this by preparing all the ingredients ahead of time. It can be something like a simple hot coco bar or make your own Christmas dessert station, the key is letting them have fun with food and learn how to make something new.

 2. Have a tacky sweater contest

Kids love working…


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