A Human Rights Watch report details first-hand accounts of torture under China’s anti-corruption campaign – Quartz


Since taking the helm in 2012, Chinese president Xi Jinping has netted hundreds of high-ranking Communist Party officials and thousands more from lower levels in his sweeping, seemingly neverending anti-corruption drive. The campaign is built upon an illegal detention system known as shuanggui.

Allegedly corrupt officials suffer abuses including prolonged sleep deprivation, stress positions, deprivation of water and food, and severe beatings. They are denied any legal protection, including access to a lawyer, in the extra-judicial detention system used to coerce confessions, a new report from Human Rights Watch finds.

The report, published today (Dec. 6), is the first to contain first-hand interviews with detainees. HRW interviewed 21 people, including former shuanggui detainees, their family members, and lawyers who had represented them. All of them, except for a former…


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