A look at Blackberry Bold 9790


Blackberry Bold 9790 is one of the famous smartphones from Blackberry. If you are looking for some cheap smartphone then you can consider it. In terms of overall looks and features, it is a great device. The phone has rounded edges as opposed to the 9900 angular design. This Blackberry smartphone is little bit thicker than other smartphones. The thickness of this phone is 11.4 mm. However, it is smaller in terms of height and width, its height is 110 mm, width is 60 mm. This means, it is a compact phone and easy to carry everywhere. This smart and stylish phone has a comfortable physical QWERTY keyboard that provides great typing experience.

The Blackberry Bold 9790 measures only 2.4 inch. The display of this tiny phone is amazing and offers great touch screen experience. Its display is 480mm x 360 mm pixels of resolution. This means you will have great viewing experience at this…


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