Alcohol Addiction Among Adolescents


As the most readily available, alcohols are sometimes found in homes of parents, the home of their friend or are delivered by a person of legal age. This opens the door to new experiences, substance abuse and, ultimately, addiction. Unfortunately, it is possible for a teenager to be an alcoholic, full blown before the day they graduate from high school.

The early years, AA was alcoholic needs first approved “State”. (This is not the question today as a desire to stop drinking) was a hopeless alcoholic, and Skid Row, and at least 42 years of age. As the program flourished, quickly found a large number of people who were much younger still an alcoholic. Today it is common to find many guys AA meetings. Many of them are there for themselves and not the courts, their parents, or for any other reason to stay sober.

Then there are those teenagers who are addicted to alcohol and may not…


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