All you need to know about Thali restaurants


All of us love home cooked food, but once in a while we want some variety and change. After all, variety is the spice of life. It has been observed that people desire authentic traditional food. Some of the recipes are best prepared by our mothers. The extra pinch of saffron, some garnishing and love can do wonders to any recipe. The old world ones may be forgotten, but you can always visit one of the finest Indian restaurants and enjoy their warm flavours. The excellent hospitality elevates your experience to another level altogether.

What is it about food that widens smiles? Maybe it is the sensation that lightens your mood after a dull day at work or the sensation of the piping vegetables after a fight with a loved one. In any case, food is the balm to all your emotional wounds. It provides you with the much needed relief and some peace of mind too. After a troublesome time, we…


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