Ask A Trademark Attorney: Benefits of Trademark Registration

Before investing the money in having a trademark registered you are likely wondering what the benefits of your investment will be.  There are quite a few benefits, so you should give serious consideration to what trademark interests you want to protect before you hire a trademark attorney and before you file your trademark application.  Let’s take a look at a few of the major benefits that you should consider.  

One of the main reasons to get a trademark on a symbol, slogan, or design is because it provides public notice that you own the symbol, slogan, or design.  With the current market so glutted with similar products the only way to differentiate between many products is through the trademarks that are associated with them.  From a marketing perspective this means everything, so protecting your products trademarks is definitely a worthwhile investment.  An experienced trademark attorney can ensure that your property is protected from individuals who would want use it illegally.  

Speaking of illegal use of trademarks the fact that you have registered your trademark allows you to prosecute individuals who do so.  This has resulted in very large settlements for a number of organizations, all because they took to the time to make sure that their intellectual property was properly protected by the law.  Your trademark attorney will be happy to follow up on any instances where your trademarks have been infringed upon.  

Another trademark registration benefit that is often not recognized initially is that your trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office protects your patent from misuse in foreign lands and also allows for you to start selling a product in a foreign country with product protection.  If your product becomes a bigger success than you initially suspected the investment that you made in trademarking your product can pay off in a much larger way than you ever imagined.  Due to the fact that the registration is on…

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