Baloney in politics works nowadays


The new rules of politics — that you can shout any baloney you see on the internet, with no consequence other than that you win — were on display this year in a campaign right here in the Seattle area.

The election is long over, but today I want to revisit an episode from the campaigns because I think it speaks volumes to how politics is going to play out in the immediate future.

It was about a year ago that state Rep. Jay Rodne, R-Snoqualmie, took to the web to denounce Muslims as “barbarians” and generally freak out about what he claimed were plans by President Obama to “import 1.5 million Muslims into the U.S.”

“This is absolute madness! Islam is incompatible with western civilization!” Rodne wrote on Facebook. “In the interim, Amicans [sic], arm yourselves!!!!!”

This seemed ill-advised at the time. The opinions were…


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