Basingstoke scuba diving couple’s research receives royal acclaim – Basingstoke Observer


While most married couples join the same clubs and share the same hobbies, there aren’t too many that uncover groundbreaking research together.

But that’s exactly what Basingstoke scuba divers Martin and Sheilah Openshaw have done, after their project revealed the parenting secrets of one of Britain’s most iconic sea fish species.

The couple have been filming black bream along the Dorset coast since last April, and have discovered from their rare underwater footage the lengths the male goes to protect its young from predators.

Males were found to ferociously stand guard 24 hours a day until its eggs hatched, as well as constantly cleaning and priming its nest to attract females – something never before filmed of the notoriously shy species.

Sheilah, 57, and Martin, 60, have been diving together for more than 20 years, and are active members of Basingstoke 609…


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