Beware The Hair: Trolls Hit The Big Screen — And Bring Scrapbooks With Them – KSUT Public Radio


Troll dolls, those novelty toys with fluorescent Don King hair, are now the stars of their own movie. It’s a balance between feel-good fun and the kind of offbeat humor that aims to keep adults in their seats.

Tending to these relentlessly charming creatures is veteran animator Mike Mitchell. He’s worked with many different, er, species (a sponge, chipmunks, ogres) in his career. Mitchell claims Shrek is the most difficult of all of them. Trolls, he says, are by far the easiest. That’s because Mitchell made all of these stubby little creatures — save one named Branch — extremely happy. Think pink, yellow and purple happy. The trolls sing and dance and have regular “hug times.”

Mitchell says he never collected trolls, so he did some homework. The first Troll doll was made in 1959 by a poor, Danish woodcarver named Thomas Dam. Dam’s daughter was afraid of the greedy, baby-snatching…


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