Bible Study On Revelations 18 – The Judgment Of Babylon


A study of the eighteenth chapter of the book of Revelations shows that the day is coming when Babylon will be punished for her misdeeds that brings calamity upon the world on account of the great apostasy into which its inhabitants will be led.

As we seek to connect the dots in the book of Revelations concerning the succession of world events we need to get a better understanding of the role of Babylon in the fulfillment of end-time prophecies. The first hint of Babylon’s involvement in last-day events is found in Revelation 14:8. In this particular verse it is said that Babylon has made all nations drunk with the wine of her fornication.

In order for us to determine the meaning of the phrase ‘wine of her fornication’ we need to determine who this Babylon is. In my Bible study on Revelation 17 I see where Babylon is again mentioned under the symbol of a woman.

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