Bill de Blasio Is Charging the White House $35 Million to Protect Trump Tower


From Esquire

We all know that Trump isn’t all too thrilled about having to live in the White House (and Melania and Barron aren’t either). Of course, that means that Trump Tower-which is in the middle of hte wealthiest retail district in the world-is Trump’s primary residence, and it’s been costing New York City big time. That’s exactly why Mayor Bill de Blasio is sending an invoice to the White House for security costs.

The invoice is for a whopping $35 million to cover the time Trump won the election to Inauguration Day. Every day, it costs over $400,000 to secure Trump Tower, and de Blasio claims that he’s spoken with Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s treasury secretary pick, about the costs. In a letter sent to President Obama (and posted to de Blasio’s Twitter account), de Blasio wrote:

Protecting the President-elect and his family through the inauguration and beyond is a responsibility that…


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