Blossom in winter: Alan Titchmarsh on growing autumn-flowering cherry


Cherry blossom in November? You must be joking! Well, in the case of most cherries, yes, but there is one that does manage to put on a good show in mild spells between now and March and that is the aptly named ‘autumn-flowering cherry’, Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’.

Hard frosts will stop it in its tracks for a while, but when they pass it picks up where it left off and starts to open its buds all over again.

Its flowers are not so large as the spring-flowering cherries’ but, en masse, they are every bit as cheering – more so because they come at a time when most other plants have decided that it’s time for bed.

If you are looking for a light-canopied tree for a small garden, it is a really good choice.

However, if you feel it lacks interest in summer, it is a simple matter to train a clematis through its branches (one of the Viticella or Texensis hybrids, which can be…


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