British architects elephant trunk design cabins to be built along Trans-Siberian railway


Striking pit-stop cabins that resemble an elephants trunk soaring in the sky will be built along the Trans-Siberian railway.

The Trans-Siberian railway connects Moscow ties Vladivostok in Russia.

It is one of the world’s longest railway lines, which turned 100 this year.

The unique designs are the masterpiece by London-based design studio Kamvari Architects, who put forward their idea in a competition run by Bee Breeders.

Judges, who chose the elephant design as the winner, said it “stood out for its unique combination of traditional forms of architecture”.

Five cabins are set to be built in early 2018.

The wooden gabled cabins with triangular pods rise up to 65 feet high and will be dotted along the 5,772 mile rail line to provide shelter to train passengers.

Architects at Kamvari explained to MailOnline that their design was inspired by traditional woodwork that encompasses a…


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