Cathy Thomas: Choosing year's best dishes isn't easy, but prep is


It’s painful. Asking me to come up with the three favorite things that I cooked this year ties my food-loving brain into tangled knots. I cook four or five new dishes each week, so the number of potential favorites seems staggering. But whittle down the long list I must.

To narrow the field, rather than choosing dishes with long or hard-to-find ingredient lists, or involving culinary techniques that require time and dedication, I selected dishes that are very easy to prepare and are superb for stress-free entertaining at home.

1. Grilled country-style pork ribs – sweet, tangy, luscious

I’m a longtime fan of grilled bone-in baby back ribs and spareribs. So enamored, I never ventured to the part of the meat counter that showcases the somewhat motley-looking assortment of country-style pork ribs. Those countrified slabs look more like thick elongated chops, often…


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