Cookbooks: The Year’s Best Baking Cookbooks: Radical Ideas, Classic Treats


In Mr. Luciano’s photos, the camera gets up close and personal with the cookies, showing off all their intimate, alluring details: the texture of their crumbs, the sheen of their icing, the melty chocolate chips oozing from the center. It’s a pretty daring approach for a cookie book, and whether it works for you depends on how attached you are to sunlit teapots.

The recipes themselves split the difference between avant-garde and heirloom. There is an entire chapter on savory “cocktail cookies,” in which Ms. Greenspan folds Triscuit cracker bits into cream cheese dough in one recipe, and combines white miso paste and puffed barley in another.

On the more traditional side, she has her so-called World Peace Cookies — cocoa upon chocolate upon chocolate chip — along with some of the chewiest, most deeply flavored ginger molasses…


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