Dead brother's vest, bracelet, coffee pot: what refugees take when they flee


By Emma Batha

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – When Syrian refugee Zakaria Alssayadi fled his village he grabbed his passport, money and the plain white vest his beloved brother was wearing the day he died of cancer.

Fellow refugee Amal Tayyawi took a bracelet given by her sister, Anas Humidy picked up his poetry, Kawther Jahwani her coffee pot and five-year-old Nizar Rastnawi his Spiderman costume.

These treasured items and the stories behind them feature in a film project by the charity International Medical Corps which aims to put a human face on the refugee crisis.

The videos were filmed in Turkey which hosts more than 2.7 million of the 11 million Syrians uprooted from their homes since the war began in 2011.

Many of those who fled bombings had no time to pack and could only bring their most valuable things.

For Alssayadi that was his brother’s vest. “When I hold it in my hands,…


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