Dunes play features puppets on stage – Chicago Tribune


The celebration of the Indiana Park System’s 100th birthday continues.

The Family Folklore Foundation players are adding a twist to their previous radio play, “Heroes’ Quest: the Indiana Dunes State Park” by adding a puppet factor to their upcoming Sunday performance.

“We added the puppet show for several reasons,” said Meg Granfield-DeMakas, of Winfield, president of FFF and co-author of the show. “We use puppetry for teaching. Last year, we had full costumes in our radio play and it confused some of the audience — they wondered if this was a play practice or a radio show.”

To prevent confusion, players went back to a hint of costuming.

“Then we did want to show some fauna and flora of the Dunes, plus we included a newcomer to our group, Seth Odenthal,” Granfield-DeMakas added. “He is a…


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