Easy Ways to Increase Your PC Performance


Okay, your computer isn’t running at the speed it was when you first bought it. It takes a while to boot up and is so slow you are probably aggravated beyond belief when it finally does. There are a few easy ways to increase your PC performance and can make your computer run faster.

For every sign of a slow computer there is a cause behind it. Just clearing it out, without knowing what is causing it to be slow, won’t help you keep it running fast. Let’s look at a few areas that tend to slow down during regular computer use and point out why. Fixing these issues, and then preventing them again, can keep your PC running at its peak.

Removing programs out of the startup, when Windows starts, can make Windows load faster. Click start button, in the box type in MSCONFIG, and hit Enter. Click the start tab and uncheck any programs that you do not want to load on Windows startup and…


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