Events and Attractions in Tampa Bay


Dozens of festivals and events take place in Tampa Bay every year and all year long. The biggest and most famous one is the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. It is a mock pirate invasion and an enormous celebration with four hundred thousand participants.

It has been a major event since 1904 and is organized between January and February. Other Gasparilla festivities are celebrated until the month of March, such as the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, the Sant’Yago Knight Parade and the Gasparilla Children’s Parade, the Gasparilla Distance Classic and the Gasparilla International Film Festival.

All of these festivals as well as the Clearwater Jazz Festival, where different musicians perform every year, can be enjoyed for free. People bring lawn chairs and watch celebrities like Richie Cole and Dave Brubeck in an open area.

Not every event is free, however, but there are tons of very cheap…


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