Feminist Celebrities Are Actually Making People Care Less About Feminism – StyleCaster


It stands to reason that famous celebrities talking about important causes should lead to people standing up and paying attention to said causes, right? Nope. Apparently celebrities who identify as feminists make people care less about women’s issues, according to a new study carried out over the course of two years.

In the study, only 20 percent said they’ve had their eyes opened by a Gigi Hadid or a Taylor Swift—and 30 percent say they actually care less after seeing feminist action from a woman celeb (in particular, Swift herself was called out as a instigator for going cold on feminist issues). This is disturbing—but also interesting.  

The study, which looked at 6,000 adults across the globe, found that people in Southeast Asia and Latin America are most likely to have their views swayed by celebrity…


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