Founder of Kentucky Sports Radio makes argument that Tennessee won’t be a great program again

Hosting one of the most popular radio shows doesn’t allow for much downtime, but even Paul Finebaum needs a break every now and then. The host of the Paul Finebaum Show stepped away from the microphone for a couple of days, and a new voice took his place.

Matt Jones, the founder of Kentucky Sports Radio, filled in for Finebaum on Tuesday and Wednesday, and he didn’t shy away from voicing his opinions. One such argument that Jones made might be of great interest to SEC fans, particularly those with strong feelings regarding the Tennessee Volunteers.

On Wednesday, Jones elaborated on an early statement he had made, which asserted that Nebraska, Notre Dame and Tennessee would never be great programs again in college football.

Much of Jones’ argument centers around what he claims is the “nationalization of the sport.” As the spotlight grew to encompass more than just a handful of programs, the advantage enjoyed by that handful began to shrink.

“The same teams that were good in the 60s were good in the 70s and good in the 80s,” Jones explained. “Then, all of a sudden in the 90s, everybody’s on TV. All of a sudden, it became a lot easier to get good … Kids started to realize they could go anywhere and still be on TV.”

Of course, there are several historically-great programs that are still dominant today, Alabama being the most obvious example. There are distinct reasons why Jones chose to single out the teams he did, and he went into greater detail about why the Vols’ best days may be behind them.

“Tennessee used to own Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. They’d recruit those places, and next thing you knew, all the best players — your Heath Shulers, everybody came to Tennessee. Now? Well, I can go to Virginia Tech. I can be Michael Vick at Virginia Tech. I can go to UNC….

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