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Courtesy of Sundance Film Festival

In the ’90s, the “Pulp Fiction” revolution inspired a whole lot of bad “Pulp Fiction” imitations, and it also brought forth a new wave of faux film noir — “stylish” low-budget indie thrillers that featured ceiling fans and light glaring through venetian blinds and ’40s-meets-’90s vamps in designer lipstick who strutted and posed like the femmes fatales of legend. Most of these movies were so busy fetishizing the trappings of black-and-white romantic crime cinema that they missed the down-and-dirty essence of it: the thrilling everydayness of noir sleaze. “Frank & Lola,” an authentically twisted love story starring Michael Shannon and Imogen Poots, neatly avoids that mistake. It’s set in the bars, restaurants, and all-too-ordinary apartments of Las Vegas (as well as the ritzy side of…


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