From the coffee drinkers to the healthiest people, map reveals what countries are BEST at


The map, which was created for, uses statistics to find out what each nation is best at.

And the findings are somewhat fascinating and broad.

The UK is supposedly best for billionaires whilst Ireland has the best working conditions.

Latvia has the best women and Cuba the top doctors.

You’d think Italy would have the biggest pizza eaters – in fact this title goes to Norway. Italy, surprisingly has the best kiwi fruits.

For foodies, Japan is the number one destination to head to as it has the best haute cuisine. In fact the country more three-Michelin-star restaurants than any other country in the world.

France is well-known for it’s wine and cheese, but this map finds that it is actually the number one place for whiskey drinkers. It is Greece that takes the title for best cheese eaters.

The Singaporeans are healthiest people in the world, whilst Kenya has the…


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