Antonia Houston loves genealogy. So far, she’s been able to map out her family tree all the way back to the 1300s.
Alex H. Wagner/Poughkeepsie Journal

Can you name all four of your grandparents? How about your great-grandparents?

Toni Houston can do that and so much more.

Houston, 56, is something of an expert when it comes to genealogy. The Hopewell Junction resident boasts a family tree of more than 6,800 people, extending from present day back to the 1300s in Europe. That’s just her family. Through her job as the Local History Librarian at Blodgett Memorial Library in Fishkill, she has the area’s community tree mapped out as well.

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“I began to realize that everyone in Fishkill in the 1700s and 1800s was probably related, so I began dumping them into one big tree, which currently has over 7,000 people in it,” she said.

Houston’s passion for piecing together information began in fourth grade when she set her heart on becoming a librarian. After earning her master’s degree in Library Science and Archives from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Houston relocated to the Hudson Valley with her husband after he secured a job at IBM. With the exception of a stint in New Jersey when her husband moved for work, the pair have called the Hudson Valley home since the early ’80s.

Ever the history buff, Houston immersed herself in the local past immediately after arriving to the valley. She is Blodgett Library’s longest employee,…