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The past few weeks and months have witnessed a mysterious presence floating across SoundCloud.

GLOK kept their identity hidden, simply placing a flurry of electronic cuts online. Coy, playful, and engrossing, the project flitted between Boards Of Canada style nostalgic innovation and rather more opaque, abstract sounds.

Well, we can now reveal that GLOK is none other than the alter ego of Ride guitarist Andy Bell.

The reformed shoegaze group are set to release their new album this summer, the first addition to their peerless catalogue in 20 years.

As a special bonus for fans, GLOK has stepped in to remix Ride’s new cut ‘All I Want’, and it’s a deft, highly intriguing re-work.

Check out the remix below, then find out Q&A with Andy Bell after the jump.

Have you always tinkered with electronics? When did you begin to take it seriously?
When I was given my first electric guitar, by a friend of my parents, I didn’t have an amp for a while. I figured out how to plug the guitar into the family Hifi by using the tape deck record input, which, if you turned it right up, gave the guitar an amazing distortion sound. This got me interested in electric sound, and I started buying equipment  at jumble sales, like an old reel to reel tape machine, and eventually my first amp, a small home made amp with the valves all exposed, probably a massive fire hazard. Me and my school mates used to go back to my house after school most days and play around with my bits of recording gear, trying to multitrack by bouncing between tape players. So the hardware of recording, and therefore the sound, has always gone hand in hand for me with playing and creating music.

I was always into a wide range of music and a lot of it was electronic, but in terms of the music I was writing and recording, most of it was  guitar based. In the late 90’s I had a computer running Cubase, and tried to teach myself to program beats and stuff, but it wasn’t easy and I didn’t want to bother with…

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