HBO Needs to Rewire ‘Westworld’ for Season 2: Advice From a Former Fan – Variety


Like any series that builds a strong following on the strength of its creative, HBO’s “Westworld” is basking in adulation now that its first season just came to a close. But amid all the huzzahs from fans that drown out all other estimations, permit a dissenting voice to enter the fray.

This criticism does not come from a “Westworld” hater; my enthusiasm for this show could not have been any higher after the first four episodes. The incredible premise of robots on the verge of consciousness in conflict with their creators was beautifully brought to life with amazing production values, a stellar cast and storylines with the kind of tantalizing complexity that recalled the ABC masterwork “Lost.”

But as the convoluted series finale confirmed, the deeper into the season “Westworld” went, the more it seemed to get lost in a maze of its own design. The…


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