Heart-broken mother has a life-like doll to resemble her dead son


When Betty Bading’s son Greg was diagnosed with cancer, she was heartbroken.

Greg, 39, had hodgkin’s lymphoma, and in June this year, lost his battle to the disease. 

As a lasting memory to her son Mrs Bading, 65, bought a ‘Reborn’ doll that looked just like Greg as a baby.

The doll made it feel as if she could hold her son, even though he was gone, and helps her to remember him.

Batty Bading, 65, has a ‘Reborn’ doll that resembles her son, Greg, who passed away from hodgkin’s lymphoma

The doll (left) which cost $600 helps remind Mrs Bading of her son Greg when he was a baby (right)

Greg (pictured) lost his battle to the disease in June this year. He is pictured with his wife, Livinnia, and their daughter Ashley

Mrs Bading first discovered her passion for collecting and building life-like dolls after being introduced…


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