Here’s how condo dwellers are getting creative, hacking their spaces and forcing innovation – Toronto

With nearly half of Torontonians living in apartments of some kind, squeezing into smaller spaces has led to some compromises and creative hacks to get around tight corners.

And although the average size of a Toronto condo has grown compared to previous years — coming in now at 832 square feet — space is still a high-demand commodity

So some resident have taken matters into their hands.

Bathrooms become nurseries

“This went from being our five-year plan, to being our forever plan,” said Lindsey Low, a mother of two who has hacked her condo space to make life work for her family.

Lindsey Low transformed one of her bathrooms into a nursery for her son by adding a platform on top of the bathtub. (Lindsey Low)

Low and her husband turned one of the unit’s bathrooms into a nursery for her son. By adding a platform over the bathtub, they created a space for the bassinet — complete with blackout blinds, in the form of shower curtains.

The space underneath the sink became an impromptu closet for the baby, and they made use of space behind doors for additional storage.

Storage underneath the sink became a makeshift closet for the baby. (Lindsey Low)

“There are a lot of families who are making it work, like us,” she said, adding that their location in the CityPlace neighbourhood is ideal.

“We have a trailer for our bike, and we use the bike path … it’s like being on vacation all the time. There’s a big convenience factor, we walk home together, both of us are always there for bath and bedtime for the kids.”

Using spaces in creative ways, like the back of a door, is something the Low family has mastered in their CityPlace condo. (Lindsey Low)

Low’s family is far from alone. Take a tour of Toronto and you’ll find that bathrooms are commonly turned into kid-friendly spaces.

Getting creative

Janet Butler-McPhee, who lives near the Esplanade also used her washroom as a makeshift nursery.

“You definitely have to get creative,” she…

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