Here’s what kids really think of Apple’s Swift Playgrounds learn-to-code app – Macworld


This year, Apple embarked on a mission to help teach kids how to code, so it developed Swift Playgrounds to make it fun, even for grown-ups. Now, Apple is bringing the fun to its stores.

Apple has partnered with to offer in-store, hour-long coding sessions at all 487 retail locations around the world. The weeklong initiative is inspired by’s Hour of Code online tutorials, and launched on Monday to coincide with Computer Science Education Week

In addition to’s Block sessions, Apple store employees will also be guiding kids on how to start using Swift Playgrounds (free in iTunes), its learn-to-code app for iPad that launched with iOS 10. Macworld’s executive editor called Swift Playgrounds a “triumph”, so I stopped by the Apple store in Union Square to see if the kids agreed. 



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