Hollywood Lends Some of its Shine to Science at the 2017 Breakthrough Prizes – WIRED


REDWOOD CITY, CA — Vin Diesel is a close talker. Plus he mumbles, and takes an unselfconsciously long time to answer questions for someone being gang-interviewed on the red carpet. So when he says things like: “I hope being here is a demonstration, or statement, to all future scientists that their cinematic heroes think that they are heroes,” you get the sense that this action hero didn’t just show up to the 2017 Breakthrough Prizes as a favor to Mark Zuckerberg. It seems the man sincerely idolizes nerds.

Then again, the guy is an actor. But whether he’s in character or not is besides the point. He is here—along with other celebrities like Sienna Miller and Alicia Keys—to transfer some of his star power to recent, important discoveries in the fields of theoretical physics, life sciences, and mathematics. The so-called “Oscars of Science,” held for the past five…


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