How Canada continues to commit historic wrongs in Sir John Franklin expedition – MetroNews Canada


Many weekends, the only thing that excites me more than antique farm equipment and brunch is underwater archeology.

It has all the romance and danger of the open sea, plus the tantalizing prospect of rewriting history or finding long-hidden treasure — it’s everything an armchair adventurer could ask for. Twice this week I’ve settled down on the couch and engrossed myself in documentaries about Canada’s search for the ill-fated HMS Terror and HMS Erebus, the last earthly vestiges of Sir John Franklin’s failed expedition seeking the Northwest Passage.

What better way to escape the dreary cold of a Winnipeg December than to immerse myself in the story of 129 men who perished after years of suffering in the frigid, ice-packed dark of the High Arctic?

So it was with baited breath I awaited news of where the artifacts were to be placed on display. Would they come to Winnipeg? Or…


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