How to Bypass Windows 7/Vista/XP Password – 5 Efficient Ways


Are you bothered by losing password of Windows 7/Vista/XP? Or unfortunately forgot Windows password. How do I bypass Windows login password? Thankfully there are some ways can help you bypass Windows 7/Vista/XP password so you can get back in your computer.


Section One: How to bypass Windows 7/Vista/XP password with password reset disk


So you forgot Windows password, but you are so clever that you have created a password reset disk for your user account. In Windows 7/Vista/XP, it is equitable to every person that you can prepare a free tool which can release your trouble on forgetting login password. So bypass Windows 7 password via password reset disk, see the steps in Windows 7:


Step 1: In the login screen, type in your user name and a incorrect password and click OK, it will show you a password hint “Reset Password..”.

Step 2: Now insert your password reset disk, click…


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