How to create an eBook with you articles


If you are a writer or blogger you might have written a number of articles on similar topics sometimes. If you take a look at this articles collection, you’ll see that you have actually written a greater number than you need to compile an eBook or a mini eBook. If it so, why not try writing an eBook on the same topic?

Here are different ways of creating an eBook with you r articles. One way of doing this is by copy pasting all of your articles in a words document and starting transforming it all in an eBook. You might need to rewrite some of the content and you’ll definitely need to delete repeated information. While starting you eBook writing in this way you’ll surly need to arrange or organize your articles in a sequence first of all. If you paste all of your articles and start witting form any of these, your book will have no sequence at all.

It’s better to organize your…


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