How to Involve Your Children In Maintaining the House

Step by step you will have to show them how to do simple things – make their own breakfast, feed and walk the dog and help in everyday housekeeping chores.

Of course you have to consider their age and the tasks that are suitable and safe for them. Here is a list of age specific responsibilities.

Age 2-3 – Toddlers

In this age kids are very enthusiastic and love to be around their parents. We can’t talk about actual cleaning with 2-3 year old children, but we can use their excitement to build in positive attitude to their chores and habits that will serve them for life. You can encourage their enthusiasm using colorful charts, reminding of their achievements. Here are some tasks that toddlers can handle (almost without your help):

  • They can pick up toys and little items from the ground and put them away. Set up a place for these stuff – it can be big clutter box for instance.

  • Take their clothes to the laundry room.

  • Toddler can help you with feeding the pets – like give a bowl of food to the dog.

Age 4-5 – Preschool

Good thing about kids this age is that they are still quite motivated to help around the house. And their also love to spend some individual time with adults. If you spare some time teaching showing them how to deal with new chores they usually enjoy it. Most of children this age can do some chores without supervision. All kids loves to be rewarded so might consider how to this. You can try do make some bonus system that allows them to choose their reward for any work done. This will also teach them to be independent by choosing their own reward. Here are the chores suitable for preschool children, in addition to previous age tasks:

  • Wipe up some spill on the table or desk

  • Mop some spot on the floor

  • Make up their bed

  • Clear and set the dining table

  • Take their plates to the sink when they’re finished their meal

  • Carrying small bags of groceries and put them away

  • Dust the bookshelves in their room

Age 6-8 – School Aged Children

Kids this age are often less enthusiastic about chores, but they develop some other qualities that work well for the housekeeping chores. Most children, who have reached the school age have the irresistible desire to be independent so the best you can do is to guide them and teach them into being self-sufficient when they deal with their chores. Use charts in order to keep track on accomplished tasks. That will teach them to be responsible to things they have to do. Here are some tasks you can add to the ones above:

  • Vacuum and mop their room

  • Take care of pets – feeding, walking, cleaning their mess

  • Empty the bin in their room, take out the garbage

  • Fold the laundry and put it away

Age 9-12 – Preteens

When children reach this age their capacity for handling tasks in short time increases. Kids this age often need accurate schedule and clearly set expectations. If you give them some unexpected task they would feel this as some kind of punishment. When your children are this…

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