How to Overclock Your Laptop’s GPU


Desktop users have more varied approaches to this, ranging from merely updating drivers to replacing computer parts to purchasing new desktops entirely. Laptops users, though, can’t be as versatile.

Laptops are designed with portability in mind first and foremost. As such, manufacturers purposefully construct laptop parts in very specific dimensions to minimize weight while maximizing compactness. Furthermore, each manufacturer follows its own design schematics. Suffice it to say, all these make coming by laptop replacement parts rather difficult and expensive.

Fortunately, laptop users do not need to purchase a new portable computer outright. As long as their current laptops can handle it, they could opt to overclock their GPUs (graphics processing units) instead.

A caveat: Overclocking irresponsibly can very assuredly lead to your laptop malfunctioning; or worse, breaking down…


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