How to Polish Marble in an Effective Way


Marble is a metamorphic rock that’s prized for its beauty. A metamorphic rock is one that’s been changed over eons from one type of rock to another, and marble is a form of limestone. Marble can come in many colors from pure white to pure black and the stone is often full of beautiful veins and clouds of different colors. It seems to gather light into itself and doesn’t conduct heat, so homeowners often use it in the area of the kitchen where pastry is made. Marble is often used as statuary and building material and in the home its used as flooring, wall tile and on countertops in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Marble is a relatively soft and porous stone. It’s much softer and more porous than granite and can’t tolerate acids like orange juice or wine being spilled on it without discoloring. Usually, after marble is installed in a building, it also needs to be polished….


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