How you can profit from the new American age of TRUMPANOMICS


Something to shout about: Since Donald Trump won the election on November 8, the U.S. stock market has risen by 3.2 per cent

A yellow taxi is cut up by another car and the driver honks his horn violently.

Steam rises from a manhole cover on a side street and, above, the December sunlight flickers off the tinted glass of a skyscraper. It could be a normal Sunday morning in the heart of New York — except it’s not.

On the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street — a stone’s throw from the city’s giant Central Park — a camera crew has taken up residence. Nestled between their wires, coffee cups and camping chairs, three large lenses point at an enormous black skyscraper across the street.

They’re hoping for the slightest glimpse of Donald Trump, who lives in the penthouse suite of the 58-storey building.

Mr Trump has changed everything.

With his talk of…


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