Indian Basmati Rice: A famous Agro Product


Any Indian meal is incomplete without the presence of Basmati Rice. No matter where you visit; be it a wedding, an corporate event or any other occasion, you will always notice that Basmati Rice is always present. Your mouth water to the aroma of the Basmati Rice as it has a different smell which can be easily distinguished in comparison to other rice.

Indian rice, because of its rich flavor, is used in various custom and ritual dishes and is the main food of people all over India. Basmati Rice when cooked with Indian Spices gives a different flavor to the dishes and makes them a treat for all the rice lovers. This type of rice is the main ingredient of Biryani and Fried Rice.

India is the largest rice exporter and the major rice producing areas in the country are Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and many more. The Basmati Rice is superior in quality and is…


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