Integrating Social Media to Increase web Traffic

Nowadays social media is used as a new approach for bringing more and more popularity and profit into your business and becoming part of promoting online marketing. Online marketing is very powerful tool to promote your business and social community websites are becoming an integral part of this so what do I mean by with?

Integration with Social Media

You are about to design a new html of your website, are you thinking about ways to integrate social media into the links, well no? Let me tell you some. There are a number of ways to do this. You can add “share” icons/links/banners to your stories. Let’s take an example, when someone reads an article on your page, give the reader the opportunity to share it on social media as well as comments should also be welcomed so that everyone can take ownership of it by commenting on it. Some simple links to share on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. At the bottom of your articles you should make it easy for the reader to share your content. Online Marketing Agency , Online Marketing !!! 360 Creative Inc. the art of marketing & the science of creativity

Add your social media profile links in your email as well for best results. You may have a Twitter, myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn profile for your business. I am sure you are constantly looking for ways to increase the number of skilled supporters to your profiles, so link them. By adding “connect with us” icons/links on your pages or profiles encourages your readers to network with you through social media. This will give you an excellent opportunity to network with those readers who have already shown interest in you and your industry.

How reachable you are?

You should encourage your readers to share your content through social media so that your message will reach to those who may not know you personally or have not read your articles or even don’t visit your website. Let’s take an example; you have 5,000 total numbers of friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, myspace etc. You cannot reach more than these 5000 unless you are very lucky so that people you can get a couple of forwards here and there. If you encourage your readers that they can share your contents, your contents now have the opportunity to multiply through each reader’s social network. And if you got lucky and your reader likes your contact then imagine that how much your content will be shared, well, you probably see where you are going with this. One advise to you that “Don’t limit yourself”. You should give a chance to your content so that I will be vital.

Traffic and growth

When you integrate social media into your WebPages, Profiles becomes a marketing strategy that helps you grow your network. By this will gives you the opportunity to increase your following on each social network, you include as well as provided you the chance to grow your and increase your website traffic as well. When you syndicate your content through social media it will increase readers and…

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