JAN MOIR: Where's the Beauty in this Beastly feminist version of Disney?  


The new Disney adaptation of Beauty and the Beast starring Harry Potter actress Emma Watson as Belle 

Yes, yes, of course. There is much to commend about Emma Watson. She was an excellent Hermione, good at all her spells, always did her homework, a role model to millions of little girls. In real life, she is modest and kind.

She has fashion savvy. She has used her celebrity status to highlight her feminist credentials and turbo-charge her effectiveness as an equal-rights campaigner.

Emma is not just a pin-up girl for the millennials, she is also the ice princess of the Snowflake Generation.

And that is where the problem starts. For sometimes one can’t help but think that the 26-year-old actress gets a bit carried away with herself and her ideals. Especially when she starts meddling with our fairy tales.

The former Harry Potter star is to appear as Belle in a new…


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