JEFF PRESTRIDGE: How my credit score fared when I checked


Fit for purpose: Everyone should keep track of their credit history

Everyone should keep track of their credit history. It might not be in quite the tip top shape you think – for a number of reasons including fraud – and it could derail your plans to remortgage your home or buy a new one (perish the thought).

Thankfully, access to information on personal credit worthiness is now readily available. Under the Consumer Credit Act, we are entitled to see what the main credit reference agencies – CallCredit, Equifax and Experian – have on their files about us.

It is these details which lenders use to determine whether any application made for a personal loan, credit card or mortgage should be accepted or declined.

It costs £2 to request a full statutory credit report from one of the agencies although it is worth forking out £6 to see what details each of them…


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