JEFF PRESTRIDGE: Why savers deserve some autumn cheer


We do all we possibly can, week in and week out, to encourage you wonderful readers to save and invest for the future. 

But with the Bank of England adamant that low interest rates are the only way for the UK economy to stay on track, it is a message that is becoming increasingly difficult to transmit with any semblance of confidence.

Rate cuts are not only decimating most savings accounts but they are savaging pension annuity rates, widening company pension scheme deficits and now threaten the dividends which some pension deficit-plagued companies have been paying income-hungry shareholders. Saving is no longer de rigueur.

Over to you Mr Hammond, give savers – all of them – a little autumn cheer

It would be nice – indeed heart-warming – if someone among the political elite acknowledged the pain that savers are going through.

One solution would be for the…


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