Jury watches security camera footage of Modesto store owner shooting

A jury on Wednesday watched security camera footage of Balbir Boyal as he was shot by a masked gunman during a robbery at his Modesto convenience store nearly 11 years ago.

Edward Deandre Mitchell is accused of killing Boyal in his store BK Liquors at 150 North Riverside Drive in east Modesto. The deadly shooting came at the end of a series of Modesto convenience store armed robberies that terrorized the community. Some of the store clerks were shot even after complying with thieves and handing over the cash.

Sukhpinder Boyal, the store owner’s wife, testified Wednesday morning that her husband kept a baseball bat behind the counter to use as protection. She was not at the store when the shooting occurred.

She described for the jury the four angles security cameras captured of the store’s front entrance and cash register. The shooting occurred about 11:30 p.m.; Boyal was alone in his business. “One customer came in, he shot my husband,” she told the jury.

David Headley, Micthell’s attorney, has told the jurors that the security camera footage doesn’t reveal much about who shot Boyal. He said police investigators watched the video footage at the time and didn’t know who was responsible for the killing. An initial composite sketch of a suspect didn’t look like Mitchell, Headley said in his opening statement last week.

One customer came in, he shot my husband.

Sukhpinder Boyal, victim’s wife

In a February 2010 preliminary hearing, Laron Tavon Davis said he and Mitchell were using ecstasy and were drunk when they decided to begin their robbery spree in April 2006. Davis testified he was the getaway driver in the robberies. Davis has agreed to a plea deal in exchange for his testimony against Mitchell.

Mitchell is on trial charged with murder in Boyal’s death, along with five counts of robbery and one count of attempted robbery.

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