Kabbalah: Growing Our Spiritual Spark


Kabbalah explains that the whole of Creation, including us, constitutes a single desire – the will to enjoy. This desire was created by what the Kabbalists call “Light,” or “the Creator.” As the Light continued to influence the desire it created, the desire went through several stages of development, until it broke into tiny, particular desires called “souls.” And this is the origin of the people in this world – us. The particular desires or souls were clothed in physical bodies in this world, and this is how we now feel our existence.

But even while we exist in the body and identify ourselves with it, there remains a spiritual particle, a spark of Light, within each of us. This spark is an aspiration to return to our root, the Creator.

However, since we live in the physical bodies, we also feel other aspirations, desires for things that we know from the physical level…


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