Kinahan thug Gareth Chubb has attempted manslaughter charge dropped in Amsterdam due to lack of evidence

It’s chubb luck

The convicted drug dealer was alleged to have pulled a gun on a Nigerian man only for the weapon not to fire

ATTEMPTED manslaughter charges against Kinahan thug Gareth Chubb are to be dismissed due to lack of evidence, it has emerged.

The 29-year-old Dublin gangster was alleged to have pulled a gun on a drug dealer in Amsterdam.

Gareth Chubb

However, a Dutch court has ruled there is insufficient proof to prosecute Chubb for the offence despite claims by a Nigerian man that he tried to shoot him — only for the gun to misfire.

Chubb was arrested last February following the drunken stand-off in an Amsterdam laneway.

The court heard he, another Dublin man and two Englishmen met the Nigerian, 27, who offered to sell them drugs near the city’s Rembrandt Square.

Chubb is member of Christy Kinahan’s mob

However, a row broke out and Chubb allegedly threatened the man with a pistol.

The drug dealer said he heard Chubb pull the trigger, but the gun did not fire.

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