Lift language opens the door to cross-platform parallelism – InfoWorld


Wouldn’t it be great to write code that runs high-speed parallel algorithms on just about every kind of hardware out there, and without needing to be hand-tweaked to run well on GPUs versus CPUs?

That’s the promise behind a new project being developed by professors and students from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Münster, with support from Google. Together they’re proposing a new open source functional language, called “Lift,” for writing algorithms that run in parallel across a wide variety of hardware.

Lift creates code for OpenCL, a programming system designed to target CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs alike as well as to automatically generate optimizations for each of those hardware types.

OpenCL can be optimized “by hand” to improve performance in different environments — on a GPU versus a regular CPU, for…


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